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Tung anhydride and methylic anhydride of 4 hydrogen benzene is compound system o
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Acid anhydride of ester of tung acerbity armour (MeMA) exchanges earning of reaction and D-A addition reaction for tung-oil classics ester, be equivalent to receiving the adipose catenary that has 2 linear respectively on annulus of anhydride of 4 hydrogen benzene. Infra-red smooth stave asks for: MeTHPA and MeMA regard solidify as the agent (both scale is 9: 1) and epoxy resin 618 classics after 5h of 100 ℃ 2h, 120 ℃ 2h, 140 ℃ heats basic already solidify; Make clear by the trade off study of the integral performance of child of 5 kinds of solidify: Of the MeTHPA in agent of solidify of mixture acid anhydride and MeMA deserve to compare for 9: 1 when, the integrated and mechanical function of the condensate with earning of solidify of 618 epoxy resin is right now best, condensate can be able to bear or endure ageing; The bulk resistor analysis of condensate makes clear as a result: No matter be MeMA or MeTHPA,do not contain impurity. The insulating property of condensate of this epoxy resin is very good: The hear resistance analysis of solidify agent makes clear as a result: Flexible solidify agent (MeMA) content is higher, hear resistance is poorer.

3, the hear resistance of condensate

See the hear resistance of place discussion from physical function, basically be to point to the macromolecule in promoting high temperature process whether produce chain paragraph the motion of motion or whole element. Always introduce consequently can manacle (cloggy) the element that the element moves, all can increase the hear resistance of material; Reduce hear resistance conversely. By the watch heat determines to be out of shape after 1 solidify temperature, the result sees a table 5.

Watch 5 different the heat of the system of solidify of acid anhydride of epoxy resin 618/ that deserves to compare is out of shape temperature

ω (MeTHPA)/%


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