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Epoxy resin and concrete interface felt (2)
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As the occurrence of material of new-style annulus oxygen, epoxy resin material proposes the project application that waits for each domain in irrigation works water and electricity, labour civilian increasing also, the interfacial felt that raises epoxy resin material and concrete is his a in project application research main task. Consider to make clear: Of the consistency that follow EM reduce bonding strength to increase, but contraction stress also can increase subsequently, right stuff deserves to compare is the requirement that raises bonding strength and wear; The solidify exothermic of EM can produce adverse effect to bonding strength, choose right solidify dose, reducing radiative temperature peak value is one of efficient ways that enhance felt power; Interfacial humidity is bigger bonding strength is lower, appropriate exterior coarse changes processing to be able to increase interfacial bonding strength.

3, test result and discuss

1, the influence that EM cooperates to compare pair of bonding strength

To inspect the influence of different consistency EM to interfacial bonding strength, through changing the scale of filling and material of annulus oxygen oar, devised 5 groups of tests in all. Test result sees a table 1.

From the watch 1 can see, along with the accretion of EM consistency, bonding strength also increases gradually. This is the result that increases to the wettability of concrete tool reference plane as a result of EM. But, have research achievement proof, as the accretion of consistency, the serous and relative increase in EM, the solidify contraction stress that can cause a system increases. Because this is considering interfacial felt effect while, the contraction stress of EM also is a problem that nots allow to ignore, can produce adverse effect to the fast performance of felt face otherwise.

Watch 1EM cooperates to compare the effect to bonding strength

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