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Epoxy resin and concrete interface felt (one)
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Epoxy resin material because excel in, wear-resisting, it is impervious, good to fight aspic and anti-impact properties wait for a characteristic, more and more get the attention of engineering department, had become research and application to develop one of the fastest housing materials. Especially in last few years the occurrence as material of new-style annulus oxygen, epoxy resin material proposes the project application that waits for each domain in irrigation works water and electricity, labour civilian increasing also. But epoxy resin and concrete are the material with two kinds of structures and disparate function, contract and be out of shape function is put in very big difference, the stress that arises in solidify process is restricted as a result of what suffer concrete and often arise craze and take off empty phenomenon. Because this raises the interfacial felt of epoxy resin material and concrete,be its a in project application research main task, carry out research through indoor experiment and project, the analysis discussed a few of influence epoxy resin and concrete felt main factors, exploration raises the efficient way of epoxy resin and concrete felt force.

One, experimental part

1, main raw material

Modified E44 epoxy resin: Zhengzhou university, Shanghai contends for limited company of acute chemical industry; Active thinner 501: Shanghai contends for limited company of acute chemical industry; Active flexibilizer (912) : From development; Be not active flexibilizer (adjacent benzene 2 formic acid) of 2 fourth fat: Shanghai dissolvent factory is produced; Agent of modified amine solidify: From development; Filling (70 ~ arenaceous) of 100 eye quartz, arenaceous factory of Luoyang dragon door is produced.

2, test method

(1) consistency

By cement mortar consistency test method SD105-1982 checks.

(2) bonding strength
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