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Epoxy resin and concrete interface felt (3)
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Epoxy resin more and more get the attention of engineering department, had become research and application to develop one of the fastest housing materials. As the occurrence of material of new-style annulus oxygen, epoxy resin material proposes the project application that waits for each domain in irrigation works water and electricity, labour civilian increasing also. But epoxy resin and concrete are the material with two kinds of structures and disparate function, contract and be out of shape function is put in very big difference, the stress that arises in solidify process is restricted as a result of what suffer concrete and often arise craze and take off empty phenomenon. Accordingly, the interfacial felt that raises epoxy resin material and concrete is his a in project application research main task. The reaction that introduced EM heats up the influence research to bonding strength.

3, the influence that the reaction of EM heats up pair of bonding strength

The solidify reaction of EM attributes exothermic reaction, on any account meets the how much with exothermic temperature peak value that the quantity gives off heat in reaction to produce very big effect to the function of solidify system. The temperature of radiative peak value in solidify reaction process mirrorred solidify system to because react,be in in solidify reaction process the highest temperature that give off heat and reachs. Peak value temperature heals tall solidify reaction heals acuteness, bigger, shrinkage jumps over the brittleness that the molecular catenary of solidify system jumps over short structure big. The main factor that affects solidify temperature is solidify agent, solidify differs to react the solidify agent of temperature of radiative peak value undertakes experimenting contrasting through be being had to 4 kinds in experiment research, check their solidify system shrinkage respectively, the result sees a picture 2. The stress that solidify system produces in different reaction level is not identical also, in temperature of vitrification of T-g(of systematic temperature prep above) level material is in stick sort voice, of molecular catenary be out of shape and move not to accept an obligation, won't produce systole and stress, when thermal drop sends Tg the system is in vitreous condition, right now systole achieves maximum, strain crack most serious also, and the poor value of peak value temperature and Tg is greater strain crack is more serious also, affect interfacial bonding strength. The choice in agent of the solidify in EM application is accordingly crucial.

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