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Coating crosses annulus oxygen Hai Daqiao is anticorrosive (one)
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Hangzhou bay crosses Hai Daqiao will be the longest on the world cross Hai Daqiao, 36km of big bridge overall length, ning Bo rises south, north comes fine promote, design 100km of speed per hour, service life invests about 11.8 billion yuan above, always 100 years, build time limit for a project 5 years or so. Among them picket of coating steel tube many 5800, every diameter 2 ~ 2.2m, grow 71.88m. Because break whole to be in big talk of Hangzhou bay person greatly, the environment is very harsh, air is humid, what contain chloric ion taller, still carry a large number of silt in seawater, these reach the steel tube stake to big bridge all sorts of steel structure body to cause corrode menace badly, because this is big of the bridge corrode defend will as special as wear problem key. Anticorrosive bound also explores new material ceaselessly, new coat will satisfy higher demand, our country's famous “ is enraged on the west east be defeated by ” plumbing, via the expert's iteration research discussion attachs most importance to powder of anticorrosive annulus oxygen to regard rock-bottom three-layer as anticorrosive structure certainly, cross Hai Daqiao for Hangzhou bay picket of project steel tube is anticorrosive provided a lot of valuable experience, introduced heavy anticorrosive frit to written guarantee function of annulus oxygen powder and besmear assemble craft and applied case.

One, foreword

The service life of conduit depends on greatly the anticorrosive method of steel tube, use good coating stuff and coating method to be able to make conduit service life is achieved a few years or longer. 20 centuries before 50 time, the data that preservative coating uses basically is coal tar the material such as lacquer, make conduit gets better protection, but these material also are put in a lot of defect, applied limits is restricted certainly, till 50 time end, heavy anticorrosive frit writtens guarantee of coating roll out ability to make conduit defends the technology generated a flight. Carry a list 1, transport company of an oil gas of listed United States is opposite according to experience of a few years the evaluation of a few kinds of anticorrosive material and contrast, can see frit writtens guarantee from this coating no matter from technical angle or economic angle other data cannot is likened to.

Express the function of all sorts of 1 preservative coating material

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