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Modified of rice of accept of epoxy resin heat-resisting (one)
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The hear resistance of polymer is one of conditions that decide polymer suitable scope, of polymer hear resistance raise the scope of application that can enlarge polymer. The way that raises colophony hear resistance has 3: Increase the tigidity of high polymer catenary; Make polymer crystal; The cross-linking that increases polymer is spent. Certainly will of these 3 kinds of methods makes the tenacity of polymer is lost somewhat. Polymer of modified of accept rice particle will be become those who increase polymer hear resistance is additional kind of method, introduced to use rice of different accept of preparation of accept rice particle composite material, study particle of different accept rice is right the achievement of the influence of hear resistance of epoxy resin matrix.

One, foreword

Accept rice material is to show average bead diameter is in the material under 100nm, because have area of quite large phase boundary area, make it has the novel physics that a lot of macroscopical object place do not have, chemical character. Be in through dominating accept rice data subtly in high polymer dispersive with compound, can be in colophony rises inside weaker small area fill strong, fill, increase interfacial active force, reduce the effect of free bulk. Only with content of very few inorganic particle bulk, improve the integral performance of composite material effectively, rise to increase not only, increase the pliable but strong, action that fights ageing, and the treatment performance that does not affect data. According to document report, accept rice material is added in polymer, can make polymer increases, add pliable but strong, vitrification temperature rises.

2, experimental part

1, raw material

Epoxy resin CYD-128, annulus oxygen is worth 0.51 ~ 0.54ea/100g, yue Yang is petro-chemical ministry of career of epoxy resin of finite liability company; Liquid state is methylic JHB-590 of anhydride of 4 hydrogen benzene, acid value (KOH)660-685mg/g, limited company of chemical industry of Dalian gold world; Accept rice TiO2, 80nm, accept rice Al2O3, 30 ~ 35nm, northwest university chemical industry is; Acetone, industrial product, factory of Xi'an chemical reagents; Coupling agent KH-570, nanjing dawn converts project total plant. Accept rice silicon base oxide SiO2, limited company of data of rice of accept of boat hill tomorrow. Organic unconscious ask local, meerschaum, shaanxi mineralize is versed in institute.
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