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Coating crosses annulus oxygen Hai Daqiao is anticorrosive (2)
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Cross Hai Daqiao according to Hangzhou bay located situation and ambient conditions, anticorrosive plan is steel tube picket: The area in area of water level change and water uses means of concrete of the fill inside picket of coating of annulus oxygen powder. Steel tube picket bear the following limits agreement 8m uses the station strengthen model coating of powder of three-layer annulus oxygen (800um) of coating ply ≥ , bear 42m limits is made an appointment with to use coating of powder of oxygen of double deck annulus under the stage (600um) of coating ply ≥ , picket of steel tube of the area below mud uses coating of powder of monolayer annulus oxygen (300um) of coating ply ≥ , the surface outside coating has the surface roughness of 30 ~ 100um. According to need through be on picket of same steel tube successive spray differs the advanced technology of coating of number of plies, different function, make picket of whole steel tube is had fight seawater to corrode, fight silt to erode, the biology that fight the sea is adherent, fight the advantage such as ultraviolet radiate, ensured at the same time macroeconomic sex.

2, Hangzhou bay steps stake of steel tube of Hai Daqiao project anticorrosive plan

Big bridge of hill of boat of it is reported uses steel tube stake, oxygen of annulus of nearly 100 double deck the picket of experiment steel tube with preservative coating 2005 the bottom already was finished, formal in April 2006 start.

3, oxygen of annulus of knot of heavy anticorrosive frit the good character of coating

1, Hangzhou bay steps stake of steel tube of Hai Daqiao project the classification of preservative coating

(Monolayer of 1) arenaceous grain weighs anticorrosive annulus oxygen coating is characteristic:

A. Have extremely powerful adherent force and good flexibility, fight curve a gender.

B. Need not priming paint, coating is convenient, solidify is rapid, work efficiency is tall, agree with flow operation.

C. Coating is tough wear-resisting, fight concussion, the stress of can counteractive soil and decrease carry the loss when reaching backfill.
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