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Mi Fucai of accept of epoxy resin clay (one)
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Accept rice particle is the burgeoning data that studies development in last few years, of accept rice particle come out, the modified that is epoxy resin offerred new approach. Because accept rice particle has measure small, bigger than expressing an area, surface is can tall, active tall, dispersive sex is good, the tigidity of mineral of together with general, the tenacity of dimension stability and thermal stability and polymer, processability and interpose report sex are kneaded close together to wait for distinctive function, show taller active, because this is very easy,with epoxy resin medium certain and luscious group produces physics or chemistry, improve the mechanical function of composite material and hot performance likely.

One, foreword

The expert chooses epoxy resin / clay accept rice composite material narrates an object for fall, main to its preparation method, characteristic and application undertake elaborating.

2, epoxy resin / clay accept rice the preparation method of composite material

Epoxy resin / the occurrence equipment of composite material gets clay accept rice the attention of domestic and international scholar. Clay is mineral in as a result of silicate chip fold a layer to arrange, after classics organise is handled, can be inserted by polymer or monomer layer, preparation gives polymer / clay accept rice composite material. In addition clay price structure of rice of cheap, accept former generate, avoided clay and polymer to mix a process to gather mediumly in all, for polymer the preparation of composite material offerred Jinami an efficient way. Epoxy resin / the preparation method of composite material basically has clay accept rice interpose a layer compound, mix a law in all 2 kinds.

1, insert a complex law

Insert a complex law (Compounding) is current preparation epoxy resin Jinami the main method of composite material, also be the heat that current data science studies. This method is the silicate that inserts monomer or polymer the layer shape structure after be being handled via inserting an agent piece between the layer, destroy a layer structure of silicate then, make span enlarges a layer to be solved even from, those who make filling of layer shape silicate attains accept rice scale in polymer matrix is dispersive, obtain accept rice degree thereby composite material.
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