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Modified of rice of accept of epoxy resin heat-resisting (3)
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Of accept rice particle join the reason that makes the vitrification temperature of epoxy resin elevatory to depend on: Accept is put in strong interaction between rice particle and epoxy resin, make vitrification temperature elevatory. The accept rice particle after finishing, have the effect that nods to cross-linking actually in matrix, on one hand its surface is helpful for epoxy resin catenary paragraph intricate, form physical cross-linking; The finishing agent of its surface and matrix are aggregate on the other hand, form the good interfacial union between fill particle and matrix, have the effect that nods to chemical cross-linking. Accordingly as accept rice particle join cross-linking density to increase, make vitrification temperature elevatory, of particle of visible accept rice join can make vitrification temperature of the system apparently elevatory, increase systematic hear resistance.

2, the argillaceous influence to temperature of vitrification of epoxy resin system

So far, can inserting what layer accept rice gets applied in composite material to have the matter that covers earth, kaolin, meerschaum to wait for a few kinds a few to belong to layer shape silicate. Because they have the cation between bigger initiative span and exchangeable layer, make us OK the degree that the means that uses ion exchange enlarges their layer span to allow polymer element catenary to insert, can use their preparation to give the rice of the accept that interpose a layer with superior performance thereby composite material. Unconscious hold earth in the palm to belong to layer shape clay. Meerschaum has quality of fiber shape crystallization, as a result of catenary group between only with quadrilateral common oxygen atom joins, join force is weaker, between crystal of the fiber when should be cut strength effect disperse extremely easily, can form numerous petty fiber crystal. The cation K that is put in convertibility in a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place, Ca2, Na, because place of Al3 displacement Si4 is much,main balance is the negative electric charge that go out. Meerschaum cation exchanges a capacity to be between 20-45mmo1/100g. Use organic unconscious hold earth and meerschaum preparation in the palm rice of accept of different content clay composite material, check its vitrification temperature, the result sees a table 2.

Express the vitrification temperature of composite material of particle of rice of 2 different accept
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