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Coating crosses annulus oxygen Hai Daqiao is anticorrosive (4)
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The service life of conduit depends on greatly the anticorrosive method of steel tube, use good coating stuff and coating method to be able to make conduit service life is achieved a few years or longer. Hangzhou bay crosses Hai Daqiao will be the longest on the world cross Hai Daqiao, because whole is in big talk of Hangzhou bay person, the environment is very harsh, air is humid, what contain chloric ion taller, still carry a large number of silt in seawater, these reach the steel tube stake to big bridge all sorts of steel structure body to cause corrode menace badly, because this is big of the bridge corrode defend will as special as wear problem key. Via relapsing research discussion attachs most importance to powder of anticorrosive annulus oxygen to regard rock-bottom three-layer as anticorrosive structure certainly, cross Hai Daqiao for Hangzhou bay picket of project steel tube is anticorrosive provided a lot of valuable experience.

4, oxygen of annulus of knot of frit of monolayer, double deck, three-layer function of coating function powder asks to see a table 3.

Express demand of 3 coating performance

Coating physics function asks to see a table 4. Be able to bear or endure chemical function checks (GB/T1763-1997, GB/T1733-1993) makes clear, via the H2SO4 of 10% , HCl, NaOH and NaCl immerse, after 90d of coating of monolayer, double deck, three-layer all invariant. The sewage below normal temperature, benzine, derv, kerosene and 80 ℃ crude oil immerse 3 kinds of coating after 90d all invariant.

Express function of 4 coating physics

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