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Shenzhen city Xin power chemical limited company
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Enterprise type: Synthesize adhesive
Main product: 3 prevent glue, organic silica gel, all sorts of adhesive
Company number: 100-500 person
Register fund: 5 million RMB
Company brief introduction: Shenzhen city Xin power chemical limited company is Hong Kong the subsidiary that Xin power group sets chinese mainland, it is the company of new and high technology that a major pursues adhesive research and development, production, sale, be dedicated to offerring the gooey solution of high additional value for the client all the time since hold water. Xin power headquarters is set in Hong Kong, the company owns plant of 20000 much square metre, be in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Shanghai, Suzhou, Ning Bo, Xiamen, Beijing, Wuhan to wait big in the city sets agency. Sinwe® product basically has: 3 prevent glue of glue, oxygen of be disgusted with, UV glue, twinkling to do glue, organic silica gel, fill to seal glue to wait, apply extensively at the domain such as industry of electron, electric equipment, communication, car, mechanical, aerospace, national defence. Xin power company has a batch of seasoned research and development and sale team, among them the researcher holds employee sum total 60% , employee of record of formal schooling of above of doctor, Master holds employee sum total 20% . Long-term with domestic and international research institute, expert and gooey association maintain close tie and collaboration, always go in the foremost edge of the industry. The group already passed attestation of system of ISO9001 international quality, the product accords with environmental protection of European Union ROHS entirely, major product passes attestation of UL, FDA, MIL, among them G50 3 prevent Qi Yu to was judged to be “ key to recommend product ” by the country 2007. The company obtains ” of company of “ new and high technology early or late, “chinese chemical industry is outstanding the multinomial honor such as brand ” . The price with Sinwe® the quality with international, reasonable product, already became the United States, TCL, China for, the long-term supplier of the domestic and international enterprise such as riverside of resurgence, flying benefit, the product already sold as far as to overseas market now. The solution that offers high additional value for industrial electron client is the mission of Xin power company, chose Xin power when the client, what they get is the product of Xin power high quality not just, also got one works side-by-side to it at the same time, the difficult problem in producing a course for its searchs the career associate that innovates plan. Xin power company offers choose from “ product—Production process—Prototype checks ” to manufacture the solution of whole process, the additional cost that brings for the client is unique. Xin power company acts on the tenet of “ sincere letter, professional, innovation, efficient ” , ceaseless progress, development, strive to become the throughout the country the most powerful most the adhesive supplier of core, offer top-ranking product and perfect solution for the user. As always help client improves product quality and manufacturing efficiency, reduce production cost, achieve in all brilliant it is Xin power the objective that faculty pursues hard, we are certain Xin power is sure to become your first-rate partner.
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