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Constant rises colophony (Dongguan) limited company
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Enterprise type: Synthesize adhesive
Main product: ; of epoxy resin of; of glue of white emulsion;PU is acid resistant; of kind of glue of feel of; of glue of adhesive; answer film
Company number: 100 people are the following
Register fund: 500 thousand RMB
Company brief introduction: Dongguan constant rises colophony limited company to held water 2002, it is the company of chemical science and technology with a joint-stock China and foreign countries, major produces all sorts of industry adhesive, the product line of complete set nicety that has force of a batch of professional research and development and import and examine equipment. The adhesive that the company produces is the advanced technique that introduces Japan, Taiwan, hand-in-hand travel improves the positive result of newest scientific research that develops with succeed ceaselessly, the application with Heng Shengshu successful already fat produces maintenance, car to make at industry, electronic industry and medical treatment equipment are made wait for a domain. Abundant technical actual strength, solve what make us ceaseless for the client stick newly receive an issue. 2004, heng Sheng and many transnational corporation such as Taiwan are strong strong together, make the agglutinate new product of environmental protection jointly, manage a method rigorously with the banner technology of ceaseless innovation, science, make the series product quality of Heng Sheng adhesive is located in front row of person of the same trade. Before cooperating perfect, high grade carry out, after service, heng Sheng wishs to keep abreast of hand in hand with broad user, achieve in all brilliant!

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