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Treasure of birthday smooth city is special chemical limited company
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Enterprise type: Other
Main product: Adhesive basically is used in adhesive industry to use as with white carbon black with adhesive of white carbon black transparent fill strong dose, use in industry of vitreous glue, marble rubber can replace white carbon black, and obtain very use effect
Company number: 100 people are the following
Register fund: 800 thousand RMB
Company brief introduction: Limited company of treasure spy chemical industry establishs the birthday smooth town that devotes oneself to high-tech development 2000, the factory covers an area of an area 50, 000 square metre, base of the throughout the country of ministry of northwest of lane of kite city Wei that is located in beauty's biggest marine chemical industry, communication is easy, resourceful. Treasure spy chemical industry advocate battalion product of series of 2 oxidation silicon, give priority to in order to produce white carbon black of special type utility, the company has abundant technical force, excellent facilities and advanced manufacturing technology, deploy have masterly technical professional. Show a company to set disappear smooth pink, white carbon black, food fights knot agent, exceed fine 2 oxidation silicon, 5 independent production workshops such as the goods that pack. Product quality is stable and reliable, be worth to trust. Act on with “ innovation is this, character is consummate, transcend self, the spirit of enterprise of rigorous service ” , treasure spy chemical industry matures with each passing day in the position on home, international market. While the company is developing home market actively, scan widely at the international market. The company established foreign trade department 2003, establish good cooperation relationship with the company of imports and exports such as Beijing, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Shanghai, exit area covers ten countries such as Europe, Africa, southeast Asia and area. Brand-new management concept, the character of excellent stability, reasonable price locates, the service of genuine enthusiasm, won the reliance of more domestic international travelling merchant. Treasure already became first selection of domestic and international high quality white carbon black to produce one of manufacturer especially. Welcome friend of global all circles, new old client comes round to negotiate business, good faith cooperates, start tomorrow in all!

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