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Suzhou is broad and profound synthesize new material limited company
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Enterprise type: Synthesize adhesive
Main product: Manage: Plate making material (glue sticking a net, sensitive glue, block glue, glue of red filling edge, shrink aldehyde glue, general the pink that take off film, be able to bear or endure colophony of Yin Jian film, a B putamen agent, net gauze. Act as agent: Printing ink, printing coating, pressure quick adhesive plaster, alumna gel is taken. Chemical product: Urea, insurance pink, condole Bai Kuai, glacial acetic acid, dye, painty.
Company number: 100 people are the following
Register fund: 500 thousand RMB
Company brief introduction: Suzhou is broad and profound limited company of synthetic new material my company is a collect research development, production is made, those who sell a service to be an organic whole is muti_function integrated model company, having elder research to sticking net gum quickly, write all concepts that are a center with the client originally, we develop new product ceaselessly, use new technology in the product, offer for the client hard all-around one-stop service.

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