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Shenzhen city floats vast power starts limited company of science and technology
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Enterprise type: Synthesize adhesive
Main product: 3M is sizy / the silk such as the CA48CA40CA40H of wash-and-wear glue series such as DP420DP460DP810DP190 of glue of share of adhesive plaster double group imprints sizy SP7533
Company number:
Register fund: 10 thousand RMBs
Company brief introduction: Shenzhen city floats vast power achieves limited company of science and technology to regard the United States as a member of 3M, extensive vast power is achieved by right of group company advantageous management and industry experience and United States' advanced adhesive makes manufacturing technology, supply the most professional industry adhesive on the world for Chinese industry. 3M has 50 old rich experience in industrial adhesive domain, be in the demand of continual contented client. Recipe of 3M advanced adhesive can satisfy the requirement of feasibility and versatility. At the same time 3M still was offerred for the client conduce to those who improve productivity using glue system, and active service, help client chooses to suit their adhesive most. All the time since, float vast power achieves the collaboration that with 3M manufactory business maintains good to concern, understand client requirement at any time, the product that ensures place acts as agent is had very high reliability and practical. Man-to-man professional technology seeks advice, good product, the content of unobstructed flows and enough stock lets a client get the most superior service!

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