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Xing Xin is gooey chemical industry
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Enterprise type: Synthesize adhesive
Main product: Sizy: APET, PVC, PP, UV, treat water
Company number: 100 people are the following
Register fund: 10 thousand RMBs
Company brief introduction: Xing Xin is gooey chemical industry is inorganic agent of a professional production and sale APET (PET) , PVC, PETG, PP, PP, UV the glue such as the glue that do not have a shadow. , the market specializations for what direct company, major is engaged in adhesive of box of glue of plastic APET /PVC /PETG/ PP (sizy) sale, price privilege, devote oneself to to offer systematic solution to face future for the client, in chemical industry, develop ceaselessly, perfect new channel of product quality, exploration, normative standard, better, faster service understands client requirement at broad client, surmounting client demand ” is our business purpose.

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