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Lumber of the 5th 2008 China International and wood are tasted trade congress
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Show time on November 13, 2008 —15 day

Can exhibit place Pa continent house

Can exhibit lumber of introductory “ China International and wood to trade congress”It is the whole world with lumber raw material and plank is purchased and domestic wood exit trades for oriented high end negotiate meeting, congress uses pattern of ” of “ order conference, before be being met namely, had fulfilled purchase business to reach purchase detailed account, arrangement purchases merchant supplier to see on the meeting discuss with sb face to face talks, read sheet of appearance, autograph, enter the low cost of the person that meet and tall result in order to ensure.
Lumber of the 5th China International and wood Fair will November 13, 2008- - 15 are held in Guangzhou, this second Fair relies on what be bibcock with Guangzhou, suitable heart, Dongguan bead trigonometry wood line of business is strong industrial catenary and Asia-Pacific, fish bead, Ji Long each are big lumber trades market supply and demand the person arteries and veins of two flourishing, outside inviting within the country with all one's strength, relevant major buys the home, guild, international to purchase group and large chain retail business attends a meeting, arrangement conjugate negotiates service, release immediately attend a meeting buy the home to purchase information, create significant cooperative opportunity.

Conference content commerce negotiates, the product is revealed, height forum, project is recommended, company of lumber of bender of business chance communication, place or market make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot look around etc.

Wonderful reviewing all previous conference was attracted come from domestic and international lumber and agency of wood industry main trend, they represented what banner place has in the industry to purchase business and supplier. These global companies basically come from the following country and area: China (nature, new 4 line of business joining wood are labour of group of limited company, raise subclass, Jilin dark, big inferior Yang Jintai of group, De Hua group, letter Yang Mu course of study, 1000 Shan Mu course of study, Shanghai writings brush, kurawood PLC) France, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Korea, Burmese, Egypt.

Form a complete set serves 1. Website conduct propaganda: The information that joins meeting unit publishs freely in exhibit meeting website Www.mujiaohui.com, withhold a year, provide conjugate service for both sides of supply and demand, raise commerce to be led successfully, preferential publish on website homepage to postpone business dynamic advertisement.
2. Conjugate serves: The corresponding period introduces “ one-stop service ” concept and mode of ” of “ order conference, sponsor square basis to join the circumstance of meeting unit and requirement, offer the list that joins meeting client and purchase demand news, join meeting unit to be able to contact you to want the boy or girl friend of arrange with ahead of schedule accordingly, raise commerce to be led successfully.
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