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2009 China (Beijing) international glue adhesive tape, diaphragm and exhibition
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Show time in April 2009 3-5 day

Can exhibit China International of place Beijing · to exhibit a center

Can postpone the introduction as globalization process accelerate and the rapid development of Chinese economy, adhesive, gooey belt, diaphragm and not dry glue apply a domain to widen increasingly, wide application arrives electron, communication, pack, building, papermaking, carpentry, aerospace, car, spin, metallurgy, machinery is made, the industry such as medical treatment, its already made one of trades with the rapiddest development in chemical domain, jumping every year with the speed fast of 16% long.
Better to receive the development of the industry to reach serve for the enterprise, the "2009 China that does not do the collective organization such as rubber industry association by guild of Chinese adhesive plaster, world (Beijing) international glue adhesive tape, diaphragm and " of exhibition of not dry glue will exhibit a center hold in China International, this second exhibition predicts dimensions will amount to above of 8000 square metre, exhibit meeting general to come from ten countries by the unit organization such as association (Korea, Japan, Russia, Xin Jiabo, Malaysia, Thailand, China (contain Hong Kong and Taiwan) , country of member of the United States, European Union) on 10 thousand professional audiences attend a meeting visiting view and emulate, purchase business to basically will come from pack reach print, photoelectricity, mobile phone, model to cut / cent cuts appearance of treatment, electron, electric, car, home appliance, circuit board, filmy, building materials, sign, instrument, machinery to make wait for an industry. This the exhibition will offer more more technical solutions, products to reveal an opportunity for participator, also offer more alternative! Be sure is enterprise of China and foreign countries reveals actual strength, propaganda paterial the card, the first option that extends an international market.

Sponsor guild of unit China adhesive plaster
The world does not work rubber industry association

Support association of industry of adhesive tape of unit China glue
American pressure is subtle head institute
Taiwan is agglutinant guild of adhesive plaster industry
Undertake unit peak this world greats cause (Beijing) advisory limited company
Exhibition program reports for duty time: In April 2009 1-2 day (in the morning 8: 30 to afternoon 17: 30)
Showpiece time: In April 2009 3-5 day (in the morning 8: 30 to afternoon 16: 30)

Showpiece limits glue adhesive tape: All sorts of film kind, paper kind, mercery, foil kind, bubble cotton kind the goods of glue adhesive tape that waits for base material, basically include to pack gooey area, presswork the adhesive plaster, adhesive plaster that seal box, industry adhesive plaster, electrician / adhesive plaster of paper of gas adhesive plaster, electron adhesive plaster, chemical industry adhesive plaster, double-faced adhesive plaster, laser adhesive plaster, stationery adhesive plaster, medical treatment adhesive plaster, kraft adhesive plaster, beautiful grain, wiring harness adhesive plaster, cloth.
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