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COATEXPO2009 exhibition of adhesive of printing ink of coating of international
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Exhibit time 2009.05.18-2009.05.20

Can exhibit conference of place Guangzhou international to exhibit a center (wide hand in meeting Pa continent exhibit a house)

Approve an unit

Sponsor unit Guangdong to save coating guild

Arrange heart coating chamber of commerce

Support an unit

Undertake unit Guangdong wisdom exhibit exhibition limited company

Assist run an unit

Media supports adhesive network of net of Chinese inorganic salt, China

Ginseng extend range 1, all sorts of coating, printing ink and adhesive product
2, chemical and raw material: Auxiliary, colophony, painty, latex, dissolvent, filling
3, production and bag furnish equipment: Machine of dispersive machine, mixer, sand milling, muller, mix glassware, mix colors system, filter, pump, metric / weigh reshipment buy, abrade reach dispersive medium to wait
4, testing instrument: Machine of appearance of granuality appearance, thickness gauge, tension, membrane pump, experiment, sclerometer, balance / appearance of the appearance of weighing apparatus, chromatism, appearance that survey scene, colorimeter, color atlas, photometric, viscosimeter, stream change appearance, determine appearance
5, equipment of safe environmental protection and other service

Ginseng exhibit expense

Activity of the corresponding period 1, Asian coating develops height forum
2, guild of Guangdong province coating establishs celebration and relevant activity 20 years
3, guild of Guangdong province coating establishs general meeting
4, bead supply and demand of trigonometry coating, printing ink, adhesive and raw material, equipment communicates congress
5, finishing of international of the 8th Guangzhou, besmear installs SFEXPO2009 exhibition

Exhibit exhibition of adhesive of printing ink of coating of international of Guangzhou of meeting description COATEXPO (coating of international of abbreviation “ Guangzhou exhibits ” ) all the time since be by wisdom the coating trade grand meeting that postpones exhibition, Guangdong to save chamber of commerce of coating of coating guild He Shunde to be sponsorred meticulously, the raw material that also is international coating, printing ink and adhesive and equipment supplier are extended and consolidate one of optimal sale platform of Chinese market, held 7 successfully already up to now. 9 years the 8th is exhibited meeting, guild of Guangdong province coating and chamber of commerce of suitable heart coating will organize ginseng of collective of company of member of close a hunderd schools exhibit.
Afterwards joins the foundation that exhibits an enterprise to represent 413 7 years to go up, current exhibit conference ad hoc committee two exhibit a house, divide division of raw material equipment and paint division, join at the appointed time exhibit enterprise delegate to will achieve more than 500, exhibit an area nearly 20000 square metre. The organizing committee acts on “ to exhibit meeting creation value, with prosperous industry market, stimulative commerce invites sincerely each fluctuation inside the industry to swim for the tenet of purpose ” the enterprise is participated in! Make China enlist a company with all one's strength the industry distinguished gathering with most, the most distinct effect!
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