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2009 China (Beijing) exhibition of industry of colophony of sex of international
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Show time on Feburary 23, 2009 - 25 days

Can exhibit trade centre of place China International (Beijing)

Approve Department of Commerce of unit People's Republic of China

Sponsor technology of economy of unit China International to communicate a center
The whole nation heats up station of news of solid sex colophony
<< heats up solid sex colophony >> magazine company

Support an unit

Undertake times of unit Beijing triumphant look forward to can exhibit annulus of service center Beijing inferior couplet exhibition serves limited company

Assist run an unit
City of one Tianjin of academy of material of boat group aviation synthesizes data industry institute
Ba Ling is petro-chemical limited company of chemical industry of Hai Wosi of spring of emperor of Jinan of ministry of career of limited company epoxy resin
Technology of application of Chinese epoxy resin learns company of group of Changzhou day horse
China is not saturated guild of epoxy resin of China of polyester colophony guild
Colophony of phenolic aldehyde of whole nation of branch of material of copperplate of Fu of guild of Chinese electron material reachs plastic guild
China is corroded with defend branch of institutional SSPC China (SSPC-C) academy of marine chemical industry
Shipping of China of company of the first group weighs Chinese aviation industry industry group company
Company of group of industry of shipping of China of company of group of Chinese weapons equipment
Synthetic resin follows division of Taiwan of stimulative association of industrialization of Nanjing advanced composite material consortium of agent industry a person of same business
Chinese composite material learns development of science and technology and advisory committee

Media supports Chinese adhesive network

The corresponding period holds fair of industry of coating of special type of 2009 Beijing international
2009 China International are advanced composite material technology and craft exhibition
Industry of colophony of sex of international hot solid grows a seminar (Beijing)
Exhibit meeting description in recent years, market of colophony of sex of Asia-Pacific area hot solid is added force is powerful, already made the production with significant whole world and consumptive division. Sticky agent of colophony of hot solid sex and its coating, glue and composite material of matrix of colophony of hot solid sex serve as new-style high polymer material to apply extensively at traffic of machinery, electron, railroad, car to make, technology of construction project, water conservancy project, aerospace, cast a project, heat preservation of heavy anticorrosive project, sound insulation, to national economy development is having all in all effect. Enter 21 centuries, the development of industry of colophony of hot solid sex of our country is rapid, become the colophony of hot solid sex with the greatest whole world to produce country and one of consumptive countries. Heat up the integral level of technology of solid sex colophony to improve our country further, those who enhance scientific research positive result change, popularize all sorts of new-style technologies, new technology, new product, new facility better, act on serve for the industry, the tenet that drives industry technology progress is held especially current exhibit meeting, meaning providing a comprehensive report in the Asia for numerous enterprise production of colophony of hot solid sex, make, what application reachs research and development is omnibus reveal, refer of be in harmony communicates platform.
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