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2009 China (Shanghai) exhibition of international industry rehabilitate
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Show time March 2009 8-10 day

Smooth congress of exhibition place Shanghai exhibits a center

Sponsor unit China machinist Cheng to learn
Grind loss effect analysis to reach fight worry technical major commission
China International commerce promotes branch of committee Shanghai Pudong

Undertake unit Shanghai spatio-temporal exhibition serves limited company
Shanghai Pudong international shows limited company
This graph gallon international can exhibit a service center

Can exhibit a description to be transferred to China as development of global economic integration and world manufacturing industry, china already became ' of plant of production base of the whole world, world, chinese economy will continue to maintain high speed growth, our country 100 million yuan tens of thousands of equipment assets, wait for a reason every year to make because of wear away and be being corroded equipment stop production, discard as useless the loss that cause is as high as one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan, and of a large number of equipment discarded as useless to create enormous pressure to environment and resource while, also created enormous waste in virtually. From this, a reproducing of burgeoning industrial " rehabilitate " of course of study already more and more get the attention of industrial developed country.

Repair reproducing is with advanced technique and industrialization production is a method, repair and transform equipment of useless old Electromechanical, made refreshment function gets new property even, lengthen service life of equipment. Reproducing is in material of energy-saving, section, fall the bad news, effect that reduces to pollute and raise economic benefits to go up is tremendous. Strive to be used up with least resource achieve the oldest economy and social earnings, found can the loop, countryman economic system that can last and resource are managing model, the environment is friendly model society, can last what achieve economic society development. Because wear away,the problem is inevitable in industry actually, accordingly, "" of course of study is having repair reproducing tremendous, the market that can develop continuously.

We will invite industry distinguished gathering the corresponding period of industry authority personage such as governmental director branch, guild, expert will hold much field industry to develop forum and technical communication to meet, discuss an industry to develop trend, international deep market of banner technology and advanced management experience, analytic policy, analysis, it is understanding rehabilitate reproducing the information of course of study and trends, trade grand meeting that seeks cooperation, it is repair reproducing the barometer of course of study.

Exhibition gross area is close 10000 square metre, exhibit 400 many, invite the 20 many countries such as Korea, England, Belgian, Denmark, Russia, France, Italy, Germany, United States, Japan, Taiwan and area nearly 300 well-known companies are participated in.
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