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2008 Guangdong (suitable heart) wooden industry adhesive and exhibition of its p
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Time ground chooses time: 26-28 day ground nodded in November 2008: Guangdong · suitable heart exhibits a center

Sponsor unit Guangdong to save forestry industry association
Guangdong saves committee of wooden floor major

Assist do guild of estate of unit Guangxi forestry
Jiangxi dark is versed in bureau industry association does
Zhejiang saves forestry industry union
Association of industry of Hunan Province forest products

Undertake unit Guangzhou can be filled with an exhibition to serve limited company

Introductive and huge market is infinite business chance
Chinese furniture sees Guangdong, guangdong furniture reads suitable mind. Guangdong province furniture creates a company in all many 12000, suitable heart occupied many 3000- - element has " furniture to make " is beautiful praise, it is China the biggest furniture production sells the market: From the point of demand of wooden estate market, only happy from, the lumber plank demand with two annual towns already amounted to Long Jiang 8 billion yuan of above, especially furniture production data and upholster are used makings, annual demand amounts to 3 billion yuan of above, and with annual the rate of 15%-20% rises; From the point of demand of house property market, legal person of house property of " of garden of laurel of green jade of " of 滘 of suitable heart north Chinese head is rich 2007 be born from this, 2008 " Olympic Games year industry of estate of " suitable heart, furniture continues to warm up, had had successive economy of region of whole nation of 4 years of " the suitable heart of brilliant history of " of 100 strong first places, installing material demand to the home such as door of floor of furniture, wood, wood is giant more, the abidance that drives demand of wooden industry adhesive at the same time develops …… at the appointed time, invite Huanade at least area and domestic and international branch of door of floor of more than 10000 furniture, man-made board, wood, wood, wood factory and building inspect manage attends a meeting look around purchase, it is to assure current the key that exhibit meeting success to hold and makes a brand!
Suitable heart is located in Pearl River delta mid, north faces Guangzhou, border HongKong and Macow, the four seasons if spring, scenery happy person; Plus area center the exhibition condition of the old and large maturity that exhibit a house: From car of the drive that exhibit a house a many hour can reach city of either of Pearl River delta, easy communication, outstanding business environment, modern exhibition establishment, make suitable heart already was become hold wooden industry to exhibit the best place of the meeting. By right of can be filled with person " first the client's care and care, hind concept of service of happy and happy " and governmental institute network support with all possible means, "2008 Guangdong (suitable heart) door of floor of lumber, man-made board, wood, wood and its equipment exhibition Guangdong of " , "2008 (suitable heart) wooden industry adhesive and its produce equipment exhibition " to be in this is strong roll out, will surely give wooden industry industry each link purchase, the year grand meeting that the personage inside the relevant course of study such as sale, design, research and development assembles in provides optimal platform (predict to exhibit meeting accumulating to amount to 10000 ㎡) , creat for both sides of industry supply and demand top class communication collaboration business chance!
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