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Eleventh China International adhesive and sealant exhibition and the 3rd China I
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Time place
In December 2008 3—5 day (Zhou Wu of Zhou San — ) smooth congress of Chinese · Shanghai exhibits a center (on the west house)

Sponsor an unit
China International commerce promotes branch of industry of committee chemical industry
Association of Chinese adhesive industry

Exhibit meeting sponsor
Yashenlan is high-powered material - special type polymer and adhesive

Develop through 10 years, china International adhesive and sealant exhibition welcome new development opportunity. 2008, the development that we will continue to be Chinese adhesive industry makes an information communication, the outstanding platform that commerce negotiates, the production that is company of our country adhesive and sale establish directer sale channel. For this, we invite you to participate in cordially come in adhesive exhibition, extend your adhesive client natural resources, experience the rapid development of adhesive industry jointly with us at the same time.

Exhibit a product
Adhesive product, include glue of ability in swimming, press quick glue (belt) , fluid sealant of ketone of glue of oxygen of polyurethane glue, thermosol glue, annulus, silicon, balata kind adhesive, project adhesive. Adhesive raw material, include colophony, dissolvent, candle kind, monomer, auxiliary. Equipment includes application to store the instrument of equipment, test, tool that use gum and technology. Detect reach system of analysis, water treatment, advisory service, software, publication to wait. All sorts of glue adhesive tape and label of not dry glue. The equipment of technology of the raw material that pack, application that pack, package machine, container, goods that pack.

Postpone meeting brief introduction
The China International adhesive that promotes association of branch of industry of committee chemical industry and Chinese adhesive industry to be held jointly by China International commerce and sealant exhibition (CHINAADHESIVE) it is China churchyard holds time the longest, dimensions is the biggest, professional of the adhesive with the strongest, the most complete product and sealant industry.
Through development of 10 years, it got Europe, United States, Korea, Japan and Taiwan area guild support energetically, got extensive conduct propaganda through these association overseas. Synthetic resin receives Taiwan area consortium of a person of same business of the industry that write an agent already organized ginseng of company of adhesive of area of more than about 10 Taiwan every year 8 years to exhibit continuously. Chinese adhesive exhibition also gets domestic medium more and more attention, already undertook cooperative with 25 media at present, among them net of Chinese chemical industry will increase the propagandist coverage that throws pair of adhesive exhibition, predict to throw 30 computer to be in exhibit can create spot network division. Association of industry of Chinese colophony deep treatment expresses actively also to in sharing constituent industry business adhesive exhibition, come. The media outside the condition is like German Adhesion, PPCJ magazine of England become exhibit partner of can long-term media. Course of study already made Chinese adhesive exhibition the one big grand meeting that adhesive produces enterprise and adhesive to purchase business to be chosen every year surely.
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