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Adhesive tape of glue of the 3rd international, diaphragm and not dry glue (Shen
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Time ground chooses time: Nodded to 14 days of ground on November 12, 2008: Shenzhen can exhibit a center

Approve Department of Commerce of unit People's Republic of China

Sponsor unit Guangzhou inferior Fu Yazhan of exhibition limited company, Shanghai sees limited company

Pressure of association of industry of adhesive tape of glue of supportive unit China, United States is subtle take association, Taiwan guild of industry of agglutinant adhesive plaster

Undertake unit Guangzhou inferior exhibition limited company

Introductive welcome attends “ adhesive tape of glue of the 3rd international, diaphragm and not dry glue (Shenzhen) exhibit ” , abbreviation APFE, it is make one's rounds exhibits global glue adhesive tape, diaphragm and the Hua Na that do not do glue to postpone top class grand meeting, exhibit meeting by Guangzhou inferior organization of whole journey of exhibition limited company is held, expect your participation!
APFE regards the whole world as gooey products industry the gold of the most large-scale, consequence and innovation is exhibited meeting, secure every year exhibit in make one's rounds of Shanghai, Guangdong. Shenzhen exhibited this second APFE to continue not only APFE Shanghai is exhibited (spring) achievement footstep, and before greatly the lid passes exhibit the imposing manner of the meeting. APFE is exhibited basically can show ” of new concept of adhesive tape giving gum, diaphragm and “ of domain of not dry glue, new technology, new product, new solution, offer to buy the home integrated and comprehensive one-stop purchase platform, the important international grand meeting that is supplier of gooey goods production, agent, agency and terminal user, for China and even whole world gooey market makes an unique international commerce platform!
Let us expect APFE Shenzhen to exhibit together, expect more is wonderful!

Exhibit meeting setting---Make one's rounds of Hua Dong, Hua Na is exhibited
The adhesive tape of “ international glue that holds in Guangzhou, Shanghai in succession, diaphragm and not dry glue are exhibited (APFE)” established APFE to regard the whole world as distinguished gathering of the largest professional and gooey trade, exhibition is created in all nearly 15, 000 square metre are brilliant achievement, attracted manufacturer of gooey course of study to exceed 300 enterprises ginseng to exhibit, among them 3M, AEE, TESA, inferior change, put together grinds, ridge of Ai Li, 4 dimension, 3 Zhi, temple, Luomenhasi, MACtac, Wang Jia, amount to beautiful, rich imprint wait for well-known trademark continuously two. Exhibit meet every all be recieved come from ten countries (Korea, Japan, Russia, Xin Jiabo, Malaysia, Thailand, China (contain Hong Kong and Taiwan) , country of member of the United States, European Union) on 10 thousand professional audiences attend a meeting visiting view and emulate.
Purchase business to have come from pack reach print, photoelectricity, mobile phone, model to cut / cent cuts appearance of treatment, electron, electric, car, home appliance, circuit board, filmy, building materials, sign, instrument, machinery to make wait for an industry. APFE already was had taller exhibit the meeting is famous degree, the satisfaction that postpone business is spent and buy an acknowledge to spend, to exhibit business is mixed bought the home to create infinite business chance!
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