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2009 China (Shanghai) international is gooey goods and equipment exhibition
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Time place on May 26, 2009 - 29 days

Hold place Shanghai new international to read extensively center

Gooey and gooey online China packs China of gooey website of China of network of gooey product of China of CCTV-6 of CCTV of website of light industry of China of website of adhesive plaster of media support China the network is new civilian polyurethane of international of net of adhesive plaster of evening paper China net

Exhibit meeting introduction to develop flourishingly as the market that pack, to show the contemporary scene of gooey products industry further, promote news of gooey products trade to communicate, advance the development of gooey products industry, quicken the pace that conforms with international, the "2009 China that Zhen Lei exhibition of association of industry of adhesive of chamber of commerce of imports and exports of Chinese light industry, whole nation, Shanghai reveals service limited company to be sponsorred jointly (Shanghai) international is gooey goods and equipment exhibition " will on May 26, 2009 - in Shanghai 29 days new international reads extensively the center is held ceremoniously. Current exhibit an area to will amount to 23 thousand square metre, invite sincerely the chamber of commerce that asks more than 10 countries such as Taiwan of the United States, Italy, England, Korea, Vietnam, India, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macao and area, offerred enterprise sticking gum to contact potential client, develop to exhibit sale channel, reveal a brand optimal opportunity and place, let us get together Shen Cheng, achieve in all brilliant!

Sessional activity 1, direction of development of estate of Chinese gooey products and look into
2, trend of supply and demand of market of industry of Chinese gooey products is forecasted reach a proposal
3, spot of conjugate of honest trade of supply and demand negotiates activity
4, macroscopical adjusting control is new and high to the influence " of gooey goods and equipment market product seminar

Show content 1, balata of third of PVC adhesive plaster, caution adhesive plaster, second from adhesive tape, high temperature resistant polyurethane of all sorts of protective adhesive plaster, high school archives glue, stick receive glue of glass of ketone of glue, acidity silicon, aquaria special glue, big board glass is special glue, neuter silicon ketone is mouldproof, :
2, balata of natural balata chemistry seals adhesive plaster of high polymer of adhesive plaster of chemistry of adhesive tape of glue of adhesive plaster of rubber of adhesive plaster products box adhesive plaster adhesive plaster of adhesive plaster of industry of adhesive plaster of aluminum foil of double-faced adhesive plaster net of adhesive plaster of adhesive plaster of wet water of black adhesive plaster of double-fold eyelid adhesive plaster adhesive plaster of insulating tape paper

4, glue of answer abdomen heal builds color print of glue of makeup of real wood of share of all-purpose rubber double group glue of sizy aggrandizement floor is agent of mouldproof and waterproof cover with paint, compound chloric man of bakelite hide glue is sizy
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