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How does solidify agent affect epoxy resin Tg
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Is different solidify dose right temperature of epoxy resin vitrification (is Tg) affected how? Recently, institute of high polymer of chemical college of Hunan university chemistry put forward method of imitate of an element trends to study T9) of temperature of transition of epoxy resin vitrification follows change of solidify agent structure. They built the model of a few simple elements of solidify epoxy resin above all, it is imitate of an element trends next (MD) is repeated to carry out. The data that gets with imitate makes V—T relation curve, turning point of the on-line that use music determines the value of T9. This imitate value and computational value have very good be identical, although with the experiment the value has bigger error, solidify agent can use sex of MD model protocol to get to the influence of Tg. The means that offers has the solidify agent that improves solidify result to have potential sense to development. Vitrification transition temperature (Tg) decided to handle and use epoxy resin kind the temperature limits of material of colophony of hot solid sex, mechanical to understanding function and other property are very helpful, it is one of function with these main material. T9 is forecasted to have applied value very much before because this is designing synthesis,having the new material that wants performance. Already had a lot of forecasting to the temperature of epoxy resin vitrification of solidify method, baconian rise, have L. E. The experience equation that Nielsen and DiMarzi0 put forward. And of POrter base the half experience method such as the join index method that round contribution model changes method, Biceran0, in addition molecular simulative method also is optional method. With above photograph of alluding a few kinds of methods is compared, detailed atomic simulation can provide the information of mechanism or principle respect; From long-term will see dispute often have appeal. However when these imitate have actual and useful result to need to use up expensive machine normally to obtain; Still do not agree with the research of system of solidify annulus oxygen.

Hunan university the purpose of this one task is to offer a simple and feasible means, in order to forecasts the vitrification transition temperature of the epoxy resin of solidify of different solidify agent. This method includes 2 measure: Compose builds molecular model and operation element imitate. Will examine through comparing imitate result and computation or experimental result this method. Inspect solidify agent to originally to the heat of corresponding solidify epoxy resin next sexual colophony influence. The annulus oxygen system that uses actually includes a few kinds of following main part normally: Epoxy resin, solidify agent, painty, solvent and other additive. System of oxygen of the annulus in studying originally however constituent of colophony of bureau be confined to and solidify agent constituent, this is both in applying actually, be indispensable. Chooses colophony constituent is ester of glycerine of shrink of onefold double phenolic A2 (DGEBA) , and solidify agent constituent is respectively 2 (phenyl of 4 one ammonia) sulphone (DDS) is mixed a 2 aniline (PDA)) , these are the commonly used material in annulus oxygen system, and data of relevant test of solidify epoxy resin can be gotten. Because this job represented abecedarian research, further research will include the model with other and main more actual constituent.
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