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The developed country does not do glue label to presswork the state is summarize
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After from 20 centuries 30 time do not do glue stuff to appear, not dry offset print brushs development rapid, outside removing material now, go up in equipment, the system already was become oneself on engineering technology, to specialization development, make the main component of specialty printing. Current, not dry offset print brushs cent to be two kinds of forms on international, one kind is the Euramerican country that is a delegate with the United States, presswork with flexographic plate give priority to; Another kind is the Asia-Pacific area country that gives priority to with Japan is given priority to with relief printing. Two kinds of means have an advantage each, pressworking the high-grade label that the web on quality prints is the same as sheet piece product of black-and-white of paper offset press does not have clear distinction.

Current situation of black-and-white of label of not dry glue is to presswork graph brief of a case is simple color piece, line pressworks to mesh attune color development; Label is machined by simple Xiang Fu miscellaneous change development, wait like online bronzing or glazing, impress, stiletto. The technology pressworks in label on get applied extensively, shortened stoving time, rose to presswork quality, promoted the development of craft; Printing ink of ability in swimming receives more and more application, improved operation condition and working environment.

Current, trend of development of black-and-white of label of not dry glue is:

① material. Develop to film and special type material by paper.

② equipment. By presswork onefoldly means pressworks to combination development, means can presswork to machine by a few kinds at the same time on a piece of label namely, raised tag presswork decorate effect.

③ craft. Develop to printing ink and printing ink of ability in swimming by harmful to human body and environment printing ink, by common presswork to develop to specialty printing, if label the reverse side pressworks, prevent bogus to presswork etc.

④ uses range. Applied limits expands ceaselessly, the domain waits in traffic, light industrial, commerce, label of not dry glue will replace traditional paper label and partial sign stage by stage. The dosage of not dry on decorate and industry of advertisement conduct propaganda glue will be bigger and bigger, make a lot of conventional technology produce substaintial change, if use transparent film stickup the spray paint craft that can replace a tradition in car surface.

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