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Furan colophony adhesive
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A general designation of the person that furan annulus is contained in colophony composition is furan colophony, it includes furfural, furfural - phenolic aldehyde, branny alcohol, furfural - branny alcohol and branny ketone colophony, apply among them wider for branny mellow colophony.

Branny mellow colophony has water-solubility, can oxidize by oneself in keep in storage generate not dissolve the child at water, colour and lustre becomes puce.

This colophony has be able to bear or endure outstandingly chemical sex, 35 % hydrochloric acid, 40 % are used below 50 ℃ vitriolic immerse with 10 % brine 72h function is invariant, 72h immerses in 20 % ammonia water below normal temperature insusceptible also. Have taller hear resistance, but brittleness is bigger, often be the same as other thermoplastic with high polymer of hot solid sex mix into is used, in order to increase the corrosion resistance of adhesive.

Stick when receiving, need to add acid in adhesive kind solidify agent, have acyl of sulfur of acerbity to toluene sulphur, benzene commonly usedly chloric wait with hydrochloric acid. Dosage is resinous % of L0 of 3 % ~ . Working life as solidify agent dosage grow in quantity and shorten, can shorten by a few days to a few hours.

Filling of interfuse of middling of furan colophony adhesive (pink of pottery and porcelain, black lead, asbestine, fibre glass, frosting) hind, stick with what at acid-proof chamfer line, line acid-proof brick, black lead becomes profile makings and crockery to wait receive.

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