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The bibulous rate of polyurethane
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Bibulous rate often also regards polyurethane as hard bubble determine index, use assess its suck water situation. Higher bibulous rate can make bubble character drops, be like, can make coefficient of thermal conductivity rises, make foamy is sufferred easily to corrode by insulation material, the demote below bubble intensity a series of bad influences, accordingly, this index is very important.

In often press below, polyurethane static state is bibulous rate is very low, the standard sample of a 100mm×]OOmm×25mm, immerge 20. A month in C water, its bibulous rate does not cross 3 % ~ 5 % , bibulous part is centered in bubble surface mostly, but often want in applying actually some more serious, because bubble hard to avoid is injured, and bubble is in after be injured by extruding substandard force, bubble hole wall is met burst and starting a hole, percent opening lifts is a when bibulous rate increases main factor. To answer this kind of circumstance, often increase foamy density, make bubble intensity increases accordingly, with resisting effectively the outside causes loss to bubble body. Additional, the hard bubble with swimming exquisite hole wants relatively the bibulous rate with swimming bulky hole is low, probably as a result of former can prevent water to go to more inside bubble body permeate. In the recipe, reduce get together the measure such as the molecular quantity of ether and the proportion that increase ester of different cyanic acid, also be to reduce bubble bibulous relatively effective method.

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