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Type of product of chloric fourth latex
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(1) latex 842A this is use as one kind the polymer of the most important chloric fourth latex of adhesive. It can use Yu Bo with casein union piece in lamination and double deck bag. Its feature is crystallization slow, and solidify is quite fast.

(2) latex 571 this is one of the first batch of chloric fourth latex, can change each other with latex 842A with. But, it has more apparent taste, and color is a bit deep.

(3) latex 572 have fast crystallization rate, generate tall cohesion strength stick receive key, specially is developed for adhesive application. Their colloid property holds two big characteristics concurrently: Good stability and in low pressure (34. Can condense quickly below 5kPa) . One characteristic adds his after fast crystallization sex makes it can stick intensity at the beginning of fast generation. This kind of property is assembled in the upper during shoemaking etc the respect is very useful. But, if more filling or colophony are contained in the recipe, for example 20 over when, below low pressure the destruction of glue film and formation ability can be lost. Because the cause of dispersive agent and stabilizing agent exists in dilute and dye or resorcinol prose style free from parallelism,this is.

(4) latex 750(or 650, fasten its body of correspondence of higher firm content) the cohesion that the film that they produce issues in plasticity, room temperature and higher temperature is intensity, agglutinant, right of all sorts of base material stick and the respect such as gender and hot reactivity is had. They can use as the contact is stuck receive a dose, also can mix with other latex union of colophony of 2 phenolic formaldehyde uses a benzene at sticking to receive elastomer and fiber or cloth.

(5) latex 635 it is paid close attention to because of containing the sol polymer of a kind of quite low viscosity more relatively. Forms glue film has very long agglutinant time, often mix in all with other chloric fourth latex accordingly in order to extend agglutinant time.

(6) latex 400, this is the chloric fourth latex with a kind of chloric highest content, and be below all temperature all have highest not solidify cohesion intensity, but stick receive time the shortest. The adhesive that makes especially has good hear resistance, light resistance, be able to bear or endure await gender and be able to bear or endure ozone sex. Its are soft hardness and thermoplastic a kind of high polymer that makes it can serve as other latex adds adhesive.

(7) latex L01 and 102 they are chloric fourth latex familial medium relatively fresh blood, it is chloric T- - the copolymer of Xi and methylic acrylic acid (stabilize) with polyvinyl alcohol. Its are stereo and stable change make them right mechanical stress and chemistry relatively not sensitive, this makes need not add exterior activator. The major change of a kind of such emulsification brings about them to have different colloid quality, include taller exterior pulling force (from 39 raise 58mN / N) , taller viscosity (300mPa. S / S) , older bead way (from 0. 1 increase 0. 3μm) , narrower bead path distributings, and with the consistence with other chloric fourth finite latex. Carboxyl is luscious round (0. The existence of 033m01) , offerred for its with metallic oxide (if Zn0 is mixed,MgO) passes ion cross-linking and the opportunity of cold curing. Former an agent of cross-linking of since of double action —— , it is the stabilizing agent that this polymer fights oxidation. Its dosage depends on specific application. The dosage of ZnO increases bring about cohesion intensity to increase to be reduced with wetability. In addition, also can use methylic Niao, 3 get together the organic cross-linking agent such as cyanogen amine or annulus oxygen is heating next undertaking cross-linking.
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