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Adhesive of chloric fourth latex: Overview
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Chloroprene rubber (Neoprene, or Po1ychloroprene or CR) are the biggest adhesive of the most important a kind of balata. Major chloroprene rubber produces the product of solid form, also have many is latex form (70 time metaphase has 20 centuries to be planted 27 kinds with L6 respectively) . The great majority in them already all used as adhesive, but majority is solvent radical adhesive, l976 year whole world dissolvent base dosage of chloric fourth adhesive is as high as many tons 40 thousand namely, among them the United States occupies 1 / about 3. Latex of chloric man of the corresponding period occupies adhesive to do the L5 % of glue with chloric man about. But solvent radical adhesive has air pollution, combustible explode easily and noxiousness is dangerous, reason water base growth of adhesive of chloric fourth latex is very rapid.

Main use includes adhesive of chloric fourth latex: Pack (foil piece lamination and double deck bag) , puddle of carpet laid, building and industry and civil adhesive. American main firm is DuPont and Petr0—Tex.

Adhesive of chloric fourth latex and polymer of its solid bodily form (basically use as solvent radical adhesive) main difference is as follows. Above all, most latex polymer is gel model, and most solid polymer is sol model. Cross-linking of gel polymer part, because this is not of dissolve sex, and sol polymer but in dissolvent of dissolve Yu Fangxiang. As a result of cross-linking, gel polymer cannot be become on refine glue machine piece. In addition, the burden range of polymer of chloric fourth latex is not as wide as solid polymer, especially they cannot be the same as colophony of phenolic aldehyde of butyl of father's younger brother to cooperate.

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