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Organic dissolvent noxiousness is summed up
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1.The noxiousness of organic dissolvent

If the person is long the steam of inspiratory and organic dissolvent will cause chronic and toxic appearance, but short time exposes high concentration under organic dissolvent steam, also can have the risk with fatal virulent poisoning. On industrial sanitation, of the organic dissolvent harm to human body and dissolvent volatile have close relationship. Below normal temperature, low volatile dissolvent creates risk not easily in air. Other the fat dissolve sex that still has solvent to the person that human body harm matters, the reactivity, metabolization rate that contains the kind that foreign matter case, human body draws and way, human body, accumulate case, individual experience reach the sensitivity, right and wrong that reveals time to wait.

2.To the way that human body endangers

(1) by skin contacts the harm that cause:

Organic dissolvent steam can stimulate eye mucous membrane and make the person weeps; Grease of can as deliquescent as skin contact skin and infiltration organization, disturb physiology function, dehydrate; And because the skin is weather-shack and infection contamination and bacterium. Cuticular skin cutin is deliquescent cause cuticular cutin to change, exciting skin is caused red reach bleb share. Solvent infiltration destroys blood cell and marrow to wait inside human body.

(2) by breathes the harm that the organ causes:

Organ of breath of by of organic dissolvent steam is inspiratory after human body, the person often can produce anaesthetic effect. Major classics look forward to is in charge of after steam is inspiratory and amount to lung, convey via blood or lymphatic fluid next to other organ, create the toxic appearance of different level. Because of human body pulmonary alveolus the area expresses an area to count decuple above for body, and blood diffuses circularly rate is very rapid, regular meeting reachs hemopoietic system to produce great harm to respiratory tract, neurological, lung, kidney, blood, by of inherent machine dissolvent breathes the toxic appearance that the organ causes, most suffer a person to take seriously.

(The harm that 3) by peptic causes:

Organic dissolvent by digests look forward to to manage the account that basically causes, to be in place of contaminative dissolvent steam takes food, smoking or finger touch a mouth to wait, the harm that its cause, above all fall victim is oral cavity, enter esophagus and gastric bowel, cause appearance of disgusting, vomiting, be in next by digestion, endanger other organ.

3.To the physiology effect that human body endangers

The general symptom with organic toxic dissolvent is have a headache, exhausted idle, inappetence, dazed etc. The virulent poisoning of high concentration controls central nervous system, make the person loses consciousness, and produce anaesthetic phenomenon, initial stage causes excited, lethargy, have a headache, dazzled, exhausted idle is driven, inappetence, consciousness disappears etc; What low density steam causes is chronic and toxic the hemopoietic system such as an influence plaque, erythrocyte, nostril, gingival reach subcutaneous tissue haemorrhage, make appearance of Chengren body anaemia.
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