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The main composition of UV glazing oil and component
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1. Assemble in content

Assemble in content to say to get together beforehand again content, it is the mainest component in UV glazing oil. It is the material that become film, its function is having main effect to the property of solidify process and solidify film. Look from the structure, assemble in content to be contain C=C the small element colophony of not saturated Shuang Jian, it is acrylic colophony mostly. Current, commonly used have annulus oxygen acrylic acid at UV glazing oil assembles in content mediumly colophony, get together colophony of ammoniac enzymatic acrylic acid and colophony of polyester acrylic acid. Colophony of annulus oxygen acrylic acid has solidify rate fast, low-cost wait for a characteristic, the cloth of glazing oil besmear that makes go up at paper or chipboard, can make its are had be able to bear or endure goodly chemical sex and higher mechanical intensity. Colophony of polyurethane acrylic acid has flexibility good, stretch strong, glossiness is advanced characteristic, but the price is more expensive, often mix with colophony of annulus oxygen acrylic acid use. Viscosity of colophony of polyester acrylic acid is low, flexibility is good, the price is cheaper. Because it is right,be not absorbency bear imprint the adherent strength that content is like plastic, metal to wait is good, because this is commonly used the glazing that makes this kind of material is oily, mix with other colophony commonly use, can make the thinner of glazing oil sometimes, with will adjust colophony of annulus oxygen acrylic acid and viscosity of resinous of ammoniac ester acrylic acid.

2. Active thinner

Active thinner also calls cross-linking monomer, it is monomer of sex of a kind of function. Its action in glazing oil is to adjust speed of viscosity, solidify and solidify film function. C=C also is contained on active thinner structure not saturated Shuang Jian, what use at present is acrylic ester mostly kind monomer. Because contain acrylic acid base the amount is different, can divide the functionality that it is sheet, double functionality and much functionality 3 kinds. The active thinner with different functionality, attenuant effect and solidify speed are different. Generally speaking, functionality heals much solidify speed heals fast, but attenuant effect is differred more. Active thinner has oil of commonly used double functionality glazing: Oneself 2 alcohol 2 acrylic ester (HDDA) , new the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem 2 acrylic acid of 2 alcohol are enzymatic (NPGDA) , 2 shrink 2 alcohol of 3 third 2 acrylic ester (TPGDA) etc; Of 3 functionality have: 3 hydroxide are methylic propane 3 acrylic ester (TMPTA) wait.
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