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QC activity aids not adept hill to push dig go synergism
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Activity of Ba Ling QC is aided push dig go synergism, promote energy-saving decrease a platoon. This year is our country develops QC group activity 30 years. Hold to “ to come from inside the enterprise, to the traditional characteristic that ” goes to in the enterprise, clingy production manages Ba Ling petrifaction to be begun actually tackle key problem model, the spot, management, reach —— of activity of innovation QC group to aid push dig go synergism, promote energy-saving decrease a platoon. On September 12, 2008, ba Ling petrifaction holds news briefing of achievement of this year QC. Release the 8 QC group of achievement, it is the 200 many person of this company above average that register QC group. At present these QC groups are aiding “ push dig go the synergism, main attack point that advances the energy-saving ” that decrease a platoon to regard a group as the activity. This company union is concrete in recent years, widen ceaselessly the research direction of QC group, coach and support the QC group of each basic unit, or the improvement that is aimed at some a certain link, craft and technology in producing a course and promotion are begun tackle key problem model QC group activity; Or in order to stabilize working procedure quality, improve product quality, fall low consumption, improvement produces an environment to be a purpose, develop activity of group of the spot QC; Or with tamp “ 3 base ” , optimize run, elaborate government is a purpose, develop activity of management QC group; Or with domestic and international person of the same trade advanced level is surveyor's pole, upgrade with engineering technology and product replacement is a purpose, develop activity of innovation QC group.

Ministry of career of this company synthetic rubber is home at present the biggest SBS manufacturer. The S-703 product line of SBS workshop is by the entrance equipment classics is homebred convert transformed plant, design productivity is 25 thousand tons / year. 2006, this product line blocks pattern plate frequency up to be 258 times, average every produce 92 tons of products to block pattern plate up, jockey 303 hours from this, relatively go up year of reduction of output 2947 tons. To this, “ of establish of group of QC of group of SBS workshop technology reduces 703 product line to block pattern plate frequency up second ” tackles key problem task, from 2006 the bottom begins to have QC activity. 10 members many sided gathers the group information and data, analytic reason, make executive countermeasure, and item-by-item is fulfilled. Circulate through round of PDCA, s-703 product line the 1 time that comes to jockeyed because of blocking pattern plate up in November fell 2007 to 32 hours, relatively on year decrease 271 hours, yield rose 3895 tons, achieve average every produce 1386 tons of products to block pattern plate up, achieve effect not only many yuan 170, return those who be scrap rubber to reduce laid a foundation. Be in group of 20 many QC take an active part in below, the product percent of pass such as the SBS of ministry of synthetic rubber career, SIS, SEBS, polypropylene, butadiene rubber is stable all the time in 100% , since this year, the super grade of butadiene rubber is tasted rate relatively on year increased 1.4 percent, the color gum content of SBS by on year 1.39% fall to 0.78% , career ministry is carried achieve effect to already exceeded 1.6 million yuan character.
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