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Di Siman rolls out many polymer that do not have bittern
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Di Siman project is plastic roll out much money not to contain haloid polymer. Holand Sittard message, di Siman (DSM) is located in from beginning to end in Dow Jones index chemical industry edition piece lead position. In interior of material of function of Di Siman company, plastic branch enabled Di Siman project project of ” of “ green box is plastic in in order to be used at be not being contained haloid applying. Did not contain the development with haloid plastic project to satisfy the client's requirement, can last of Si Man with the Supreme Being development policy photograph is consistent. From now on company of Di Siman statement will use the sources of energy more businesslikely, improve product environment efficiency in order to reduce to environmental influence with raw material. Di Siman devotes oneself to to carry the innovation product of life science and material science domain, with service help people improves life quality. In the product of the Di Siman inside global limits and service, be applied extensively at including the mankind, nurse with animal nutrition health care, individual, pharmacy, car, coating and paint, electron electric, life defends and in the terminal market that builds inside and service, to build more healthy and cheerful, have but durative lifestyle make positive contribution. Sale of item the year before last year is close 9 billion euro, about 22000 stuff are had in the whole world. Headquarters is located in Holand, all set a branch in America of Europe, Asia, north and south, Africa and Australia.

The polymer do not have bittern that its roll out recently, it is StanylStanylHB class above all (PA46) product, in all sorts of different interior and domain of exterior connector application, be used by business of OEMs of many banner electrons; If still ask V2 or V0 class, DSM project is plastic developed do not contain haloid Stanyl product completely, this is a kind of anti-flammability that have high-powered polyamide and satisfies highest grade, approbate like what UL94V-0 class gets a lot of clients. ArnitelTPE—— is used in electronic industry do not contain haloid product, will replace PVC a future life to produce cable, with electrical wiring it is long-term since the objective that pursues; But till substitute of special recently large-scale configures ability,begin to carry out. Other electron system is like appearance of distributinging switch of white home appliance and energy, at present already demand does not contain haloid fire retardant, arnitelXG product will be manufacturer people offer perfect solution. About ArniteXG, need of business of production of electric home appliances Previous12 Next
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