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Di Siman " infinite responsibility " knot great achievements
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2008 China composite material was held to exhibit in Shanghai recently on, group of colophony of Di Siman composite material rolls out PALAPREGPR_EMI—UM of two new products and ATLACPREMIUM, exhibit not the achievement of newest research and development after its develop the activity of responsibility ” series with infinite “ , and the acceptance that Di Siman develops to can lasting.

The responsibility ” with infinite “ Di Siman the development of all new products limits the target that differs for 3: More outstanding performance, richer solution and more healthy future. The responsibility ” with infinite “ is the activity that entire company fluctuation develops Di Siman jointly, the indefatigable effort that each link place such as the world ongoing hair that covered Di Siman to be able to develop continuously to build, production and sale make. Di Siman will but durative the core that with environmental park company each business domains develop the strategy. Market of group of colophony of Di Siman composite material communicates a managerFan HailunThe lady expresses: Roll out the responsibility ” with infinite “ this one catchword, express Di Siman will but durative with the environment this one viewpoint of value regards company culture as whole one section, it is the company arrives from research and development the way that produces all jobs.

Be subordinate to of colophony of Di Siman composite material belongs to group of Di Siman colophony, it is one of domains of business of key of science of data of Di Siman performance. The company extends business actively inside global limits, be in China especially, aimed at high-end estate department. Limited company of Di Siman colophony produces the Jin Ling that regards China as one of business of the biggest production of colophony of not saturated polyester colophony of not saturated polyester, vinyl colophony and gel coat colophony. Colophony of Di Siman composite material also is business of Europe's biggest structural colophony production, have the colophony with advanced technology and combination of gel coat product, what embrace some to enhance plastic business to divide the Euroresins that sell business to serve a client through professional technical service center and Di Siman. Di Siman has the world's banner actual strength on catenary of value of whole composite material.
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