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Agglutinant of Shenzhen green frog plans to build 5 large base to expand in the
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Suffer invite attend international of 2008 China Beijing the ” of Shenzhen “ green frog of exhibition of energy-saving environmental protection announces in Beijing, will enlarge natural plant avirulent agglutinant is produced can, 5 years immanent whole nation builds 5 large base.

The does not contain the harmful material such as formaldehyde, benzene green frog of research and development of limited company of science and technology of biology of Shenzhen green frog is avirulent agglutinant product is pledged by ministry of science and technology, Department of Commerce, country check total bureau, environmental protection total bureau awards “ nation emphasis ” of new certificate of products, the structure is made in the major project project such as great theater of center of conference of country of ” of “ bird's nest, Olympic Games, country indoor decorate select a product especially. Be invited this to attend to change by national hair appoint, the Beijing international that Beijing sponsors is energy-saving environmental protection exhibition, exhibit conference organizing committee special still hold new product of “ nation emphasis -- green frog is advanced and natural special performance of avirulent agglutinant ” recommends the plant meeting, the green frog that its reveal is advanced and natural product of avirulent agglutinant series gets the plant fully audience favour.

Zhu Shou can disclose president of ” of “ green frog, hand in high in the 10th when just end on the meeting, ” of “ green frog signed many yuan 200 order contract. Future inside 5 years, ” of “ green frog will be in area of Bohai Sea of delta of Pearl River delta, the Yangtse River, annulus, Central Plains, southwest builds 5 500 thousand tons avirulent glue to produce base and raw material base, build 1 million cubic and avirulent plank and base of production of form a complete set of 250 thousand tons of avirulent coating additionally.

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