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Technical seminar shows Luomenhasi magical " asepsis " coating defends
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Want to use banner antiseptic technology on coating only, harmful bacteria and mould can no more on the wall that ” of “ live away from home is in bathroom, kitchen and room, floor and furniture also won't by biology deterioration. On November 27 morning, the emulsioni paint with lead whole world reachs additive manufacturer, company of collect door Ha Si (NYSE:RThe technical seminar that OH) will hold during CHINACOAT08, will explain the coating with high grade environmental protection how to accomplish all these magically to you.

The microbial nowhere in the life is absent. Accordingly, because,enterprise and consumer often worry microbial erode and cause tangible worth loss, or the product is fragile change, become angry or flake, or its produce peculiar smell, become ugly even. Regard this second technology seminar as the main component that go up, the expert of company of collect door Ha Si will spread out a name to be " the coating of new generation defends antiseptic of Ha Si of solution —— Luo Men " speech. From this, the person that attend the meeting reachs understanding, luomenhasi's Bio-Pruf? How does brand technology defeat solution to live in the easy generation mould microbial world-class difficult problem in the environment.

As authoritative technology of Luomenhasi, bio-Pruf? Can says unapproachable “ divides bacterium ” solution, prevent a product by microbial degradation. It can be helped control a bacterium, what mould, microzyme, alga and other are fed up with is microbial, prevent a product premature because of microbial erode and deteriorate and invalidation, prolong period of efficacy and service life.

Bio-Pruf? Solution applicable at many domains, resist the danger of microbial degradation. According to Chinese coating online understanding, apply the result to assure its, luomenhasi all had separate test to the security of all sorts of products and effect. In the meantime, its expose spatial database to already had more than 3, 4, 5 or applied history of 10 years, reliability is very high.

Be based on the character with outstanding above, collect door Ha Siceng because 2 chloric - N- Xin Ji - ketone of Lin of 3- different thiazole (DCOIT) recipe technology, win green chemistry award (GreenChemistryAward) . Office of American environmental protection is won respectively in using a field differently (management board of medicines and chemical reagents of EPA) , food (the approval of FDA) and other administration. Of course, if you have fun at personally appraisal its magical effect, also can arrive at Luomenhasi to be in exhibit the ——10C15-24 exhibiting a stage during the meeting.
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