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The future that do obeisance to ear will build polyurethane railroad in China
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Chief of department of business of polyurethane of science and technology of the material that do obeisance to ear said recently, do obeisance to ear to will be built in China at future by the railroad of polyurethane foam laid, reduce the noise that when the train is passed, brings from this.

According to introducing, although this technology that does obeisance to ear at present uses example already in Europe, but still attribute development inchoate phase, and do obeisance to ear to also be being communicated actively with Chinese government.

In German Berlin, is FRENZEL-BAU group right Durflex? In systematic application, use the Bayflex that comes from science of material of Yu Bai ear? Stretch polyurethane foam is filled completely solid the aperture between gravel path broken bits. The appearance of shift of broken bits of typical gravel path that the dynamical place that railroad traffic produces creates is able to avoid. This also raised the wear of superstructure to absorb the noise that produces on the dot here substantially.

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