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Ba Sifu: The dual personality of outstanding citizen
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Is environmental information commercial secret?

“ Ba Sifu passes official website freewill and actively in Germany, United States and Canada, make public its minute contaminant to discharge information to the public directly, and it is in China all 15 solely invested do not have this information however with enterprise of joint-stock type of production. ” Liu Lican is oppugned, “ why same information can be made public actively to the public directly in other country, became ' of ‘ trade secret in China? Block the power of know the inside story of Chinese public outside the door with such reason, cannot accept. Of information opaque brought about contaminative problem to find fountainhead and means of settlement without method, none responsible to community environment and dweller health. ”

In this respect, tycoon of the chemical industry that cross a state has chance to be able to be gotten apparently. The legislation that China makes public a respect in business environment information at present really lag, did not form the mechanism with one perfect a complete set of. “5 begins 1 days month to carry out " environmental information publicizes measure (try out) " also put in flaw. " method " the company that just is included blacklist compulsively announces its environment news, and be absent the Basifu of blacklist, have the right that the choice is made public or rejects to make public really. The Xia Jun's lawyer of office of attorney of the consult in ” Beijing tells " business affairs weekly " .

Although Chinese active law does not have business environment information to whether belong to commercial secret regulation, but 2001 of become effective " convention of abstruse Hu Si " the lawful sex that affirmed green peace organizes behavior and requirement however. This convention writes: “ affirms everybody has authority to be in the environment that fits its health and happiness and benefit already the life, responsible it is this age to offspring is protected and improve environmental ” jointly with other alone, “ performs afore-mentioned duty to enjoy afore-mentioned rights considering the citizen, go up in environmental problem must can obtain information, authority is participated in decision-making and go to law< . ”

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