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Asian glycol: 5 years of many lowest levels since
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Price of this week Asia glycol glides substantially, to 5 years of many lowest levels since, because of demand rein in, supply temporarily abundant and trafficker panic undersell.

This week market value is 500-540 dollar / ton (in CFR advocate harbor) , glide extent is as high as 225 dollars / ton.

China, domestic glycol price also glides substantially, zhou Wu comes 4, 400-4, 450 yuan / ton (the library is carried) . This week price is 4, 400-5, 600 yuan / ton (the library is carried) .

Trafficker of this week majority time is panicky undersell, outside dividing Zhou Er, crude price is brief at that time rise, market face becomes a little a few quieter.

Zhou Yi, the price glides to lower part of every tons of 700 dollars, trade valence is 675-680 dollar / ton (in CFR advocate harbor) . These majority in buying property are terminal user, and majority cannot refer their L/C finally and the decision does not clinch a deal.

The aggravate of this kind of panicky undersell of seller the be expected to fall of the market, and bring about the freight that most seller decides to with competition ability strong price sells them, wary too late. Accordingly, market slump in price, trade valence glides to 620-630 dollar / ton (in CFR advocate harbor) , 580-590 dollar / ton, glide finally to 500-520 dollar / ton.

Of the price glide quickly more drama the be expected to fall of the market, the market storage capacity of widespread rumor China is replete glycol and other chemical industry are tasted. A few trafficker hold a supplier concurrently to not be willing to absorb freight, the stock that indicates themselves is on exalted level. And the start working rate that a few manufacturers had cut them actually, but inventory still very tall.

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