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Methanol market begs manufacturer to be restricted to be like,be produced for be
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Because methanol price already was entered,drop the 5th month, the producer price of major methanol manufacturer already under line of company cost profit and loss. Downstream formaldehyde, glacial acetic acid is opposite various places the demand of methanol still is shown delicate, and average start working leads 2 armour aether relatively reduce further last week to 30% the following. Recently, occurrence reduction in production of company of batch China methanol jockeys even phenomenon, supply in order to adjust, reduce deficit. Classics survey, the enterprise of stop production of reduction of output is given priority to with coal head. Partial market personage expresses, the reduction of output of methanol manufacturer reduced what the market increases ceaselessly to supply pressure on certain level, but haven perch inventory still needs time to use up, maintain in demand low below confused condition, the supply exceeds demand that Chinese methanol market will still last for some time.

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