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Henry Si Mai: Supplier of key of MDI glue sticky agent
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Adopt the banner technique of innovation, henry Si Mai is in establish of market of MDI glue sticky agent the position of crucial supplier. Use the MDI of 100% the MDF of producible special character, for example, room shell plating, moistureproof board, the sheet metal that is used at producing a floor board and low density board.

Sticky agent of SUPRASEC 1041 glue is henry Si Mai company lasts in respect of technology of glue sticky agent the achievement of research and development, the good point with this the mainest adhesive is, can mix the latex that forms stability with water, the canal is put to counteract fiber to mix in gush evener, improve the performance of plank.

In addition, another advantage depends on, can use with mixing for adhesive of activator and standard. On successive press product line, this is meant, can raise the product line rate of 15% , perhaps improve plate performance.

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