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China Adhesives Industry Association Professional Committee of applications for
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China Adhesives Industry Association Professional Committee of applications for the establishment of construction adhesive. According to reports, the grounds for the application are: Construction adhesive s are widely used in construction, building materials, indoor and outdoor decoration, transport facilities and water conservancy and other fields, its main function is to bond, but also has a fixed, leak-proof sealing, corrosion protection and electrical insulation, thermal insulation and other functions, a wide variety of construction adhesive, involving polyvinyl acetate, polyacrylate, epoxy resin, polyurethane, neoprene, silicone and hot melt glue and many other species, varieties and more brands more than 3,000 species, more than 400 manufacturers of most small and medium private enterprises. In recent years, China has seen rapid development construction adhesive, according to the association statistics: in 2009 the amount of 1.12 million tons of construction adhesive, accounting for 27.65% of total adhesive than the 12.5% growth in 2008, is the largest amount of area of adhesive. At the same time, China's construction adhesive, there are some problems to be solved, there are the following: most of the low grade of products, quality is uneven, often occur fake and shoddy products, consumer complaint rate; in products with low production capacity surplus of some countries and sectors a clear-out and limit the production of products such as 107 plastic (Acetal plastic) and solvent-based glue, such as SBS output rise, not fall, and some market demand for high-tech products and environmentally friendly development and promotion of energy-saving products application is seriously lagging behind; most construction adhesive products industry standard or standards do not already outdated in urgent need of formulating and revising; technological innovation capacity, and most enterprises serious shortage of investment research, resulting in products and equipment behind the old, difficult to meet the increasing market demand and development . Therefore, in order to strengthen the management of construction adhesive, standardize enterprise behavior of members, and vigorously promote self-discipline and integrity of the building, planning to apply for China Adhesive Industry Association Professional Committee of the establishment of construction adhesive.

Designed to speed up industrial restructuring, technological innovation and product upgrading; strengthen business linkages and communication among enterprises for construction adhesive technology and information exchange and cooperation; actively publicize and implement national industrial policies to promote technological innovation and enterprise the development of new products and technologies, to develop water-based, hot melt and solvent-based and other saving products and high-performance high-quality products; establish and improve industry quality control methods and mechanisms to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, promote the construction adhesive the healthy development of the industry. According to reports, China Adhesives Industry Association of business: to carry out the industry's research, on the industry's production and management and research and development situation and existing problems to make suggestions and recommendations, participation in the development of industry development plans; responsible for collecting the industry's production, management, technological innovation and other aspects of import and export information and statistics, analysis and summary, released in time for both inside and outside the industry; standardize enterprise behavior, the industry self-regulation to maintain market order and fair competition; Organization State (habitats) inside and outside technical information exchange and cooperation, organizing domestic and international exchange of technical information, exhibitions and related meetings; to organize the relevant units of the industry and economic activities overseas study visits and received foreign visitors groups and related businesses; involved in the development and modification of product quality standards, to promote the industry to improve product quality and grade; technical consulting, technical services, technical training and attracting investment; organizational and technological innovation and product excellence and other activities, participation in identification and application of scientific and technological achievements, the organization of the industry report and recommended "brand names" and other activities; publication and distribution sectors of the publication; reflect the members and the industry's legitimate demands and aspirations, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of business and industry; contractors of government and relevant departments authorized or commissioned work; to carry out beneficial to the industry other activities.

Building Adhesives China Adhesive Industry Association Professional Committee of business: standardize member behavior, the industry self-discipline, develop and implement management systems and industry self-regulatory code of ethics to promote Responsible Care and the integrity of the building industry; vigorously promote the industry, quality management, industrial restructuring and product upgrading and updating, to carry out resource conservation, environmental protection and production safety work, recommend and organize enterprises to participate in product evaluation activities and honors excellence; participation in the formulation and revision of product quality standards, and actively promote the standardization of construction adhesive system and product quality and grade improved; establish and improve product quality supervision and management of construction adhesive methods and mechanisms to promote the product service system; actively promote the construction adhesive technology innovation and new product development, scientific and technological achievements in the identification and application; efforts to build a communication platform to strengthen the domestic construction adhesive exchanges and cooperation between enterprises and the promotion of the development and progress of construction adhesive; Kaizhan industry research, construction adhesives industry, according to the operation and problems, make suggestions and recommendations to the Association, participate in industry development planning, industry access conditions of development; contractors associations and departments authorized or commissioned work; exhibition and other activities beneficial to the profession.

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