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New green products is expected to become the new darling of the Chinese Adhesive
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Since the start of renovation, the bubble kept for months on Taobao, after four months later, finally able to take 'graduation photo', and although tired cervical strain, but looked at his hand from the design, drawing, Amoy goods, Bargain, supervision, arguing ... the taste of the process in every possible way, the result is very sweet to meet Oh! Although there is no designer so professional, but this is my home - a unique lazy time! Hot melt adhesive (Hotmeltadhesives) as an important industrial adhesive products in 2009, emerged a good momentum of growth chronology. According to organize BizAcumen companies 'hot melt adhesive products global market report' shows that the year 2009, cumulative worldwide sales of hot melt adhesive market is approximately $ 3,304,000,000, is expected to melt in sales in 2010 will be Can reach $ 3,415,000,000 in 2015, the global sales of hot melt adhesive market is expected to exceed 4.3 billion, the report also estimates the market in 2007 to 2015 hot melt adhesive compound rate of 4.1%. How to grasp the future in the market for application hot melt, hot melt adhesive manufacturers should be able to see more business opportunities. Survey from the market situation, with the escalation of hot melt adhesive formulations, manufacturing and processing industries and other Commercial areas in the plans to expand the scope and amount of hot melt adhesive applications. China's market for some time will no doubt become the main growth markets hot melt, hot melt adhesive with China's demand for environmental protection on the rise, New green products will be expected to become the new darling of the Chinese Adhesives Market.
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