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East Africa coatings adhesives market a huge space for development
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East Africa coatings and adhesives market development alarming. Despite the global economic downturn and the constraints and conflicts between countries in the region of negative factors, coatings and adhesives in East Africa still demonstrated a remarkable market potential Development. For investors, Asia, North America and Europe compared to the investment environment, investment in East Africa, coatings and adhesives industry, will face fewer restrictions on market competition and lower the threshold. If the Site Sha according to Eph Gilman Corporation (Frost & Sullivan) newly released "East Africa Analysis coatings and adhesives markets," said the 2009 East Africa automotive coatings market has reached 196 million, is expected to market size in 2016 Will be expected to exceed $ 270,000,000. Adhesive in the region while the market size in 2009 was 1.56 billion U.S. dollars, 2016 is expected to reach 217 million. With the heavy industry and economic development in East Africa on the rise, paint and glue Viscosity is the region showing strong vitality; in the policy, the implementation of the East African countries in recent years are positive trade incentives, to develop cross-border multilateral trade, a series of initiatives to help achieve the industrial manufacturing in East Africa The rapid development of industry. As the region's major league, the East African Community (TheEastAfricancommunity) through local resources to create more business opportunities to achieve to promote local economic development opportunities, this policy Of the drive will help keep strengthening investor confidence in the region. In economic development for the better, but also should be noted that some negative factors, including the gradual increase in recent years into electricity prices and local taxes, to And import prices of industrial raw materials have also shown a rising trend. In the future, the limited dealer network and local relative lag in transport and logistics solutions, will become an obstacle to trade development in the region a major factor .
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