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Adhesives in the light industry in a variety of important applications
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Application of adhesive can be made in light industry of new products, improve product quality and production efficiency. In the printing industry, adhesives used books, journals, notepads and other wireless binding; quit using pressure-sensitive adhesive label manufacturer, paste is very convenient. In the footwear industry, has been replaced with adhesive closure, molded, high-grade leather shoes, hiking shoes, snow shoes, sandals, slippers, shoes and other health-care should be used in the repair of footwear adhesives. In the furniture industry, the adhesive is mainly used for puzzle, mortise, composite, veneers, edge, tired of equality, manufacturing steel and wood furniture, speakers, cabinets, composite doors, sofas and so on. In the textile industry, mainly used for manufacturing non-woven adhesive, flocking, plant finishing, dyeing, low-carbon was lining design clothing transfer. In the packaging industry, a larger amount of adhesive, mainly used in the manufacture of various boxes, barrels, cans, boxes, bags, cups, tubes, etc., especially the aluminum foil - plastic film for food packaging bags, kraft paper - plastic woven cloth bags, paper - plastic film composite packaging, paper - aluminum foil - composite plastic film cans and other packaging has a good seal, security flavor, moisture, does not leak, corrosion, and other fine performance. In addition, adhesives can also produce biodegradable tableware box, sealing with a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape manufacturing. In addition, the industrial arts, children's toys, sporting goods, health equipment, women's sanitary napkins, baby diapers, stationery, fishing gear manufacturers, they have to use adhesives and bonding techniques.
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