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" circular economy promotes a doctrine " carry out next year
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The standing committee of National People's Congress of 11 whole nations that conclude the 4th times the conference votes passed " circular economy promotes a doctrine " , this legal general atOn January 1, 2009Apply since. Annulus of National People's Congress of committee member of members of standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress, whole nation endowment appoint express on the press conference that Ni Yuefeng of vice director committee member is holding subsequently, of this law come on stage, effectively economy of loop of stimulative our country grows, raise resource to use efficiency, protect and improve an environment, implementation can develop continuously.

According to introducing, this law includes 6 systems. The first is the program system of circular economy. Circular economy program is the arrangement that the country expands ' of task of target, key and safeguard measure to undertake to circular economy and deploy. The 2nd is to restrain resources waste and contaminant to discharge gross to control a system. Gross controls a system to will prompt the overall demand of each district and business according to the country, according to the resource of this locality and environmental carrying capacity, arrange industrial structure and economic dimensions, take the step of all sorts of loop economy active and actively. The 3rd is the evaluation of circular economy and assessment system. The 4th is the responsibility that gives priority to with generator outspread system. On the tradition, the generator of the product basically assumes responsibility to the quality of product itself, and the responsibility of contemporary generator already the use phase from pure stage of production, product, progressively and outspread after discarding to the product reclaim, use and deal with level. The 5th is pair of high cost can, it is important that company of high cost water is established the superintendency system with the key. The 6th is aggrandizement economy measure. Establish incentive mechanism. Encourage the development road of circular economy.

Ni Yuefeng says, " circular economy promotes a doctrine " establish the basic system that circular economy develops and policy framework. Of course, still need the State Council and the administrative regulations that decide form a complete set about division system, regulations and standard, in order to assure this law carry out effectively.

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