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About make and carrying out the report of adhesive industry ethic
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In recent years, develop as the high speed of our country economy. Adhesive industry is swift and violent also develop. Crop and sale high speed grow, 20 years average increase rate is the coming year L7. 8 % , the growth of GDP of outclass our country. New product, new technology is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, beyond dry glue of glue of the white emulsion that divides a tradition, 3 aldehyde, chloric fourth glue and twinkling, return emerge in large numbers if polyurethane construction rubber is mixed,glue of fluid sealant, hot frit and hot frit press acrylic acid of sealant of quick glue, organic silicon and adhesive, modified what the rapid development such as glue of epoxy resin of glue of oxygen of ester glue, be disgusted with, modified rises is new product. At present our country adhesive and sealant already had on name of low, medium, high-grade product 10 thousand kinds. Can satisfy home market requirement basically not only, and sell as far as to abroad. Product export volume rises considerably, average year increase rate is 22 % , the main country of exit and area include the United States, southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong to wait. Product quality also had bigger rise, chemical industry of Guangzhou white cloud is industrial the river of limited company and Hangzhou the organic silicon fluid sealant of limited company of organic silicon chemical industry is product of Chinese famous brand at was being pledged by the country check total bureau is judged 2006, an ancient name for China of factory of adhesive plaster of Guangzhou grand prosperous, Heibei is industrial limited company, always big (Zhongshan) limited company produces press quick glue adhesive tape to was judged to be product of Chinese famous brand 2007, the product that still has a lot of manufacturer had the honor to win product of actor of name of Chinese well-known logo, place to wait.

The member of Chinese adhesive guild also grow in quantity of year after year. The consequence of association increases increasingly. Although development of industry of our country adhesive is rapid, achievement strikings, but the problem that also existing to be solved not less urgently. These problems affected the development of adhesive industry badly already.

One, environmental protection problem

In recent years, country energy-saving the stress that reduces platoon, environmental protection to serve as current and macroscopical adjusting control, rectify economic structure, change to grow the breach of means as tone. The country is in the legal laws and regulations of environmental protection respect is more and more perfect, include " law of national environmental protection " , " law of air pollution prevention and cure " , " law of water pollution prevention and cure " , " law of noise pollution prevention and cure " , " law of prevention and cure of environment of solid trash pollution " " sewage discharges a standard integratedly " , " air pollution content discharges a standard integratedly " etc, " law of national energy resources " also seeking an opinion extensively to the society. The branch executed the law to also be increased related the country at the same time supervise and punish strength, countrywide each district closes in succession stop specific power consumption the of all kinds company with tall, big pollution, last year only too lake catchment closes stopped company of many 1890 of all kinds small chemical industry, shut many 600 even this year. Although the other of unlike of the energy-saving problem that decrease a platoon of adhesive industry is big chemical industry is outstanding in that way, but still existing a few problems, basically be liquid waste, trash, waste gas arrange an issue, poisonous and ill other people is serious in the product exceed bid. Working environment quality does not amount to mark, noise faze civilian wait for a problem.
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