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" improvement trade prohibited 2008 kind of catalog " release
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. Total office of Department of Commerce, customs issues announcement jointly, announced < < improvement trade prohibited 2008 kind of catalog " . New " catalog " in order to optimize our country export goods structure, advance improvement trade transition to upgrade for the principle. Add newly listed catalogue of risk of 39 tall pollution of 10 encode, tall environment, the majority belongs to chemical industry kind product.

The catalogue that adds a line newly includes a variety of firedamp and ethane product, a variety of pesticide products, cadmium reachs cadmium products, and electroanalysis capacitor base paper 39. Plus the 2nd batch of improvement trade prohibited 2007 kind of catalogue 598. At present accumulative total in all commodity of 1816 10 custom encode is included improvement trade to prohibit kind of catalog, among them chemical industry kind the product occupies half above.

New " catalog " the principle that filled fission to show to restrain commodity of risk of tall pollution, tall environment to give El. Be included the product of catalog, will cannot enjoy the taxation privilege that gets with improvement trade means again. And can undertake imports and exports to the product according to general trade pattern only.

Inside course of study think generally, new " catalog " come on stage, reflected a country to restrain resource again kind, high cost can, the policy of macroscopical adjusting control that tall pollution, tall environment endangers sexual product to give ISl, from long-term in light of, the exit of these products will get stricter and stricter control.

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